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November 21, 2010

Sometimes I will just use this space to write ideas or interesting bits and bobs I have found in my reading. Throughout Beiyang Huabao (I am ready to totally leave this publication alone for a while) there are tons of photographs of nude European women with curves, soft bodies, and full breasts. These photos are very often next to images of Chinese women fully dressed and with completely flat breasts, which are very clearly being bound/pressed down. Here are a few examples of this phenomenon, although I haven’t fully processed why or how this is:

September 24, 1927 p. 3
The text under the nude says “Art Photo” and “After Bath” while the text next to the picture of the young Chinese woman (with bobbed hair) merely states that this is the actress Ma Yen-Yuen.

March 12, 1927 p. 3
EDIT: This is NOT the same actress as above, as I previously put on here. Thank you Liza for pointing this out! The Chinese woman here is next to another “art image” with the title “Mirror.”

Lastly, this image doesn’t fit exactly with the two above but here is a nude photograph with the text: The Beauty of the Human Body, placed next to an article about the Natural Breast Movement!

July 30, 1927

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