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antique bras

November 20, 2010

Here are all but one of the brassiere/chemise example Wan published in BYHB after her article. The one published on October 19, 1927 included instructions for use and will be the subject of its own post soon!

August 24, 1927 (Brassiere is translated as 西妇束乳 – Western Women Bind Breasts)

August 31, 1927

September 7, 1927
Wan writes here that these designs are similar to what the most fashionable Chinese women are wearing right now.

September 10, 1927

September 17, 1927
I thought it was striking that this was next to a nude “art” photo of a Western woman. More on that later!

October 15, 1927
The accompanying text says that Western women bind their breasts but do not press down their breasts. The image shows breast clothes (胸衣) and Wan asserts that her humble self can narrate reasons and publish many books of Western underwear (内衣) in order for women to compare different styles. The style in the photo is the newest style. She also writes, “Recently our country’s women compatriots (女同胞) gradually know that liberating breasts is necessary, to put into practice is already not fresh. Therefore can’t help but be more particular about breast clothing garments, therefore I happily introduce these images, and I expect our female compatriots will enjoy to see them as well.”

October 26, 1927

November 5, 1927
西妇之束胸 – Bound Breasts of Western Women

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