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November 2, 2010

Beiyang Huabao June 8, 1927

中国小衫沿革圖说 (Zhongguo xiaoshan yange tushuo – An illustrated history of the development of the Chinese little shirt)

By: 绾香阁主 (Wan Xianggezhu), Illustrations by: 丽君 (Li Jun)

These two styles of “little shirt,” the doudu and the moxiong, are the oldest styles.

兜肚(doudu) – The oldest style of “little shirt,” it is also called the 袜肚 (wadu), 袜腹 (wafu), or 袜胸 (waxiong.) Not all of them are alike, but they are all one piece of cloth that ties behind the back. Unlike other variations of the “little shirt,” embroidery could be added to the doudu. Wan mentions that these garments could be purchased in a [character unknown] embroider goods shop (?绣货店) – of course the most interesting part of her description was blurry in the copy I was reading! Popular in both the north and the south, doudu were also worn by men to protect against the cold.

抹胸 (moxiong) – The moxiong is long – to the edge of the waist – and encircles the body. It closes in front of the chest and it could be fitted around the chest or around the waist. This particular style is presently (1927) popular in the north of China. There is a line at the end of Wan’s description that is hard to make out in the copy I am reading, hopefully I will make a breakthrough soon!

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