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Sam Kinison Woman

October 20, 2010

A few China fashion links:

Marc Jacobs’ Chinoiserie, at Jing Daily, talks about the Louis Vuitton S/S 2011 collection and has a few good quotes by the man himself about how he wasn’t trying to target the Chinese market with the collection.

On that same subject, I found an interesting quote from an article about female style in the January 19, 1927 issue of 北洋画报 (Beiyang Huabao) that seems slightly relevant even today:

Western women’s attire changes every day, they compete with each other for beauty, but it is as if our country silently follows our predecessors’ rules, without change, as if our country’s women are without pluck and without ideas about the appreciation of beauty. However, to promote new [Chinese] women’s attire is not just to promote extravagance. has a short article about the 3.1 Phillip Lim 5th Anniversary parties in Beijing.

On a less fashion related note, there is a new Pissed Jeans song called “Sam Kinison Woman” streaming at Pitchfork right now. It doesn’t sound anything like Pissed Jeans, it is earnest and sweet and upbeat, but it is good!

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